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Helping global businesses unlock the infinite possibilities of Internet-of-Things.

Helping global businesses unlock the infinite possibilities of Internet-of-Things.

Pelicans Technologies has rich technical skills, years of experience, and industry expertise in Internet of Things app development. Our app developers are constantly on the edge of innovation and trends. We keep ourselves updated on the latest frameworks and platforms for IoT solution development and are always able to select the most reasonable and cost-effective tools for our clients.

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Quicker time-to-market

Centralize your process

Connect all business ecosystems

Deliver intelligent UX

Improved productivity

At Pelicans, we offer end-to-end custom IoT app development solutions. Right from strategy and consulting to implementation and integration, our team of IoT experts will take care of your complete IoT app development requirements.

Our Services


At Pelicans Technologies, we ensure the successful execution of end-to-end fleet management and vehicle health and telematics solutions by addressing each element of a typical use case scenario. Our innovative range of IoT solutions can provide assistance to your automotive business in carrying out functions like quality assessment, innovation, and services while maintaining the client satisfaction levels high and mighty.

  • Connected vehicle sensors
  • Fuel Tracking
  • Vehicle usage analytics
  • Speed control
  • Traffic management
  • Vehicle location tracking

Smart City

The smart city solutions offered by such as smart buildings, sensors, device gateways, etc. can be utilized for real-time monitoring of local and across the city electrical power supply, water consumption, and other city vitals. Being one of the leading IoT solutions providers, our solutions enable secure, near real-time compatibility between diverse infrastructure devices, systems, and sensors.

  • Smart meter networks
  • Smart lights
  • Smart road infrastructure
  • Wi-Fi Zones
  • Smart grid automation

Smart Home

We blend the power of compatibility, connectivity, and machine intelligence to transform your house into a smart home. At Pelicans Technologies, we work with global customers and experienced developers to support secure, low-power, end-to-end solutions that enhance the way customers engage and manage their automated devices.

  • Home Appliances
  • Home Lighting
  • Home Security

Industrial IoT

We put IoT to work for your business. With our years of industry expertise, we drive digital transformation across your business with the perfect end-to-end IoT solutions that can be customized for your business objectives, helping you make informed business decisions, streamline operations, minimize costs, and build new, innovative revenue streams.

Smart Health

With our unique and creative IoT solutions, we establish cross-device connectivity and execute smart features into medical devices and related software systems.

  • Hospital asset management
  • Predictive device maintenance
  • Automated device-to-analytics data flow

Smart Retail

Using our smart retail solutions for inventory tracking, retailers will be able to maintain 100% inventory accuracy, reduce sudden out-of-stocks, minimize thefts and ultimately improve sales margins. We provide required IoT features to enable end-to-end store inventory management.

  • Ensure items availability
  • Reduce theft incidents
  • Analyze the effectiveness of promotions
  • Lets consumers check and order items from their areas

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