React Native Development Company

Using JavaScript open-source libraries, we, at Pelicans, offer a comprehensive range of React Native web and mobile application development services across industries and verticals. Our expert team of React Native developers can complete your project right from the scratch, including UI/UX, API, and mobile frontend development services. With a fantastic portfolio of React Native iOS and Android applications, we have a decade of experience that helps us deliver quality solutions fast.

React Native Development Services

Pelicans has started offering secure and reliable React Native services since 2017. This amazing piece of technology lets us help our clients with project budgets and timelines. Our experienced React Native developers easily build both iOS and Android apps simultaneously without huge additional efforts.

React Native Consulting

When using React Native, we don’t have to write code right from the beginning. However, understanding the product concept and requirement is a must. So we thoroughly study and understand what our clients want and expect from us then create a strategy on how to proceed. This way, it will be easy to meet business goals and deadlines.

React Native Development & Design

We efficiently run a team of highly experienced and capable designers and developers who can seamlessly create engaging and intuitve solutions. Not UI, we take care of UX as well.

24/7 Support & Maintenance

Our React Native application development team provides frequent, technical support to make sure your application is running smoothly without any performance issues.

React Native Migration

React Native is one such platform that is worth migrating to. That is why we help you with migrating from your current platform to React Native so that you can give it a native look and feel.

Why Choose Us

Why Clients Choose Pelicans Technologies for React Native Application Development Services?

Agile React Native app development and project methodology

Assistance with getting applications in App Store & Play Store

Focus both on business goals and user experience

Competitive React Native app development solutions

2 React Native app development experts

In-house, front-end experts: Business Analysts, UX/UI Specialists & Designers

Reliable and flexible native and cross-platform mobile app development solutions

Proven track record of 2 successful React Native apps project delivery

Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing before “Go-Live” events

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