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Offering secure, scalable, transparent, and globally accessible business processes.

Offering secure, scalable, transparent, and globally accessible business processes.

At Pelicans Technologies, we understand blockchain's growing potential and experience of seamlessly integrating blockchain into various mobility solutions. And that is why we are offering the best of both worlds for both startups and enterprises. Right from the creation of Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies, making sure of the processes before they go live on the unaltered systems, and assisting startups to raise an ICO, we have seen and done it all.

Our Propositions

Customized digital agreements

Secure data management using distributed ledger

Streamlined and automate processes such as payment, ID verification, and legal arbitration

Helps build efficient business models

Ensures your data is tamper-proof, reliable, and more accessible

Trusted ecosystem

We, at Pelicans, help startups and enterprises leverage the decentralized network, develop digital solutions using blockchain technology, and introduce a new level of transparency, competency, and automation into business processes.

Our Services

Blockchain Technology Consulting

We start our approach to blockchain technology consulting with 3 basic questions- what, why, and how. We will identify in what way and how blockchain can actually benefit your business solution and add trust and transparency to the system.

dApps Development

Right from concept creation to design and development, our expert blockchain developers use their expertise to create enterprise-level decentralized applications that will assist clients in accelerating time to market and maximize their ROI.

Blockchain Supply Chain Development

We build, deploy, and manage blockchain supply chain solutions for businesses across industry verticals that provide 100% transparency at every step of the product’s journey.

Custom Blockchain App Development

With hands-on experience in several blockchain platforms, including Tezos, Hyperledger, Corda, Tron, Stellar, and EOS, at Pelicans, we develop scalable, flexible, secure, dynamic, and custom blockchain software solutions for startups and enterprises.

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